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Njpersonalinjury.org specializes in representing clients who have been seriously injured in bus accidents in New Jersey. When you find yourself the victim of a bus crash, hiring a skilled New Jersey bus accident attorney to protect your rights is your best recourse. The Law Office of Gregg A. Williams is “The Personal Injury Law Firm” who helps people fight back with cases handled by an experienced team of certified civil trial lawyers (a status held by only 1% of New Jersey’s lawyers) and personal injury professionals. Contact us today for more information about how we may be able to help you. Reach us at 732-514-6635 or click here.

People across the country ride buses daily as their main means of transportation. In the State of New Jersey, a bus is typically considered to be a common carrier, which means that the driver must act responsibly and protect the passengers. Unfortunately, bus drivers do not always operate their vehicles with the utmost degree of care, therefore placing many innocent people in danger. It has become a common occurrence to turn on the evening news and see a report on a serious bus accident.

There are many factors that may contribute to a bus accident, such as faulty maintenance, negligent driving, dangerous streets and freeways, and defective automotive parts. Bus drivers need to be observant to changing weather conditions, breaks in the pavement, and any other obstacles that may require emergency maneuvering or a change in the way he or she is operating the vehicle.
A bus accident can cause serious injuries to anyone involved, including the bus passengers, pedestrians, and drivers and passengers of other vehicles. If you have been injured in a bus accident, you may experience head trauma, fractured bones, bruising, damage to internal organs, and other serious injuries. With the representation of an experienced bus accident lawyer you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your injuries and other accident-related expenses.

If you have been seriously injured as the result of a bus accident in New Jersey, the Law Offices of Gregg A.Williams can help protect your rights and assist you in recovering the highest compensation. We help our clients fight back with cases expertly and expediently handled by our team including Certified Civil Trial Attorneys and knowledgeable New Jersey bus accident lawyers. Our reputation for favorable verdicts and settlements for our clients is built on unparalleled compassion, strategy and performance.

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