Crime Victim Compensation

New Jersey Crime Victim Compensation Lawyers

Many crime victims suffer great financial strain as a result of injury-related costs like surgeries, visits to specialists, medication, various therapies, and hospitalization. As the victim of a serious crime, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, loss of work, medical costs, and other damages. In certain cases, crime victims in the state of New Jersey can recover compensation from both the defendant and from tax money set aside for crime victims.

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The Violent Crime Compensation Board

The Violent Crime Compensation Board is a service that has been designed to lessen the financial hardship of crime victims by providing them with monetary relief. When the board determines who will receive benefits, certain crime-related factors must be considered:

  • When the crime occurred (The crime must have occurred after November 1, 1971 for the crime victim to be eligible for monetary compensation)
  • If the crime victim died as a result of the crime, and had remaining family members
  • Whether or not the crime victim suffered serious physical injury

Both crime victims and their family members may apply for crime victim compensation from the state of New Jersey. No person who was involved in or served as an accomplice to the crime will be eligible to receive monetary compensation or victim benefits.

Crime compensation is typically a very complicated matter. In order to obtain maximum benefits, you should get help from attorneys who are knowledgeable in all aspects of crime victim law.

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