Nursing Home Abuse

We trust nursing home facilities to provide more than adequate care to our aging loved ones. However, many times, they fail to do so. Negligent nursing homes and rehabilitation centers need to be held responsible for their actions when they injure or deprive our country’s most vulnerable people of their rights.

When you or your loved one is injured at a nursing home or rehabilitation center, we can help recover damages. Contact us at 732-514-6635 or click here to learn how we can help you.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home residents often suffer falls, bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, and physical or psychological abuse. None of these are acceptable. The LAW OFFICES OF GREGG A. WILLIAMS can help you pursue justice for elder mistreatment. To get the representation you and your loved ones deserve call us at 732-514-6635 or click here.

Legal Requirements of Nursing Homes

Under New Jersey law, nursing home residents are protected by both state and federal regulations. The Nursing Home Bill of Rights is a state law that serves to protect the following rights of residents, among many others:
• Right to be free of restraint unless authorized
• Right to live in a safe, decent and clean facility
• Right to voice complaints without being threatened

When nursing homes fail to uphold these rights, they must be held accountable.
Federal statutes require specific record keeping and reporting of accidents and injuries in the nursing home. There must be a plan of care for each resident, and any alleged violation or instance of abuse must be investigated. Federal Law makes it a nursing home’s duty to prevent pressure sores and other negligence injuries. Nursing home premises must also be safe from physical hazards.

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